About ARS Musica


No one can play the harp and teach others how to play without realizing the need for better resources for musicians who are actively performing and learning.

ARS Musica is an attempt to provide accessible courses, informative articles and books, challenging summer workshops, and excellent sheet music.

We also offer recordings and live concerts for those who love to hear harp music.

Harpist Anne Sullivan

Ms. Sullivan is currently the harp instructor at the University of Delaware and at Swarthmore (PA) College. She was a member of the music theory faculty at the Curtis Institute of Music from 1982-2002. She is the author and arranger of more than two dozen works for harp and has published a series of ear training books specifically for the harp student. Her dedication to the development of complete musicianship skills in her students has brought her acclaim both as a teacher and a lecturer.

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