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Coaching Programs                    

My Personal Harp Mastery Coaching Programs
can help you master the harp the way you want. 
Master your playing. Achieve your dream.

Harp Courses

Harp Courses

FREE introductory lesson podcasts plus exclusive "harp-on" exercises.

The lesson podcasts are free and provide basic instruction. The follow-up exercises are available for a small fee and provide three to four weeks of exercises and drills designed to reinforce the topics covered in the podcasts. Each course includes goals, practice tips, and bonus ways to use proven techniques in your everyday practice. It's an efficient and powerful way to learn!

BooksAural Skills Builder Books

Buy the books one lesson at a time!

Aural skills, also called ear training or solfège, are the building blocks of all music reading and performing. The Aural Skills Builder books evolved over many years of teaching at the Curtis Institute of Music and years of private harp teaching.

Sheet MusicSheet Music for the Harp

Downloads for Solo Harp, Harp Ensembles and Harp with Other Instruments

These pieces are written for or arranged by Anne Sullivan. They have all been tried and tested by harp students of all ages and abilities, and found to be favorites with them and with audiences. Each music download has been carefully edited for accuracy.

RecordingsRecordings by Anne Sullivan

Solo and Chamber Music recordings