Mastery Consultation


Ideal for the harpist who:

  • is preparing for performance and wants an expert opinion.
  • is looking for solutions to a particular issue, whether with technique, a piece, a direction for study, a practice plan.
  • wants to jump start her/his progress in one area.

During your one-hour consultation, we will assess the issue you want to address and create an action plan. I will show you how to implement our plan and how to ensure that you make the progress you desire. I will follow up our session by sending you a two-page written copy of the action plan, listing the specific steps and techniques we discussed, as well as how to take your plan into the future.

Consultations are conducted over the phone, by Skype, or in person at my studio either in Wilmington, Delaware or State College, Pennsylvania.

Email me now to schedule your consultation.


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