Mastery Growth Three Month Coaching Program


Ideal for the harpist who:

  • Wants steady growth over a longer time span.
  • Wants a comprehensive personalized study plan and help with implementing it.
  • Wants a complete refresher course after time away from the harp.
  • Wants a new outlook on his/her harp study.
  • Wants a supplement to their regular lessons to address a particular topic: technique, ear training, music theory, etc.

Mastery Growth is a structured 3 month program.  Why do I ask you to commit to 3 months? Because growth takes time and my experience over 30 years of teaching and coaching has shown that 3 months is the minimum amount of time needed to effect change and make significant progress. 

The three month program begins with an initial one hour consultation and plan development.  After the consultation, I will email you a written copy of our plan, with action steps.  Over the three months we will schedule 7 more one-hour coaching sessions, either in person, or via phone or Skype, and make our plan happen.

Month 1
Initial consultation and plan
3 coaching work sessions, one per week

Month 2
2 coaching sessions (every other week)

Month 3
2 coaching sessions (every other week)
Evaluation and plan for future growth

Sessions are conducted over the phone, by Skype, or in person at my studio either in Wilmington, Delaware or State College, Pennsylvania.

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