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Course 201-2 Intermediate: Just Scales and Arpeggios too!


Nothing says “dazzling technique” like a fast, fluid scale, and no single exercise does more than scales to improve every aspect of your playing. It’s unfortunate that we sometimes neglect this important fundamental, thinking we’re too busy, or that scales are too boring. We may start working on them for a while, but it’s easy to lose interest in an exercise that seems so repetitive. But really, all you need is a plan.

“Just Scales – and Arpeggios too” is a plan that will help you get the most from your scale practice, even if your time is limited. It will help you improve your scale technique, grow your knowledge and understanding of keys, and increase your agility, speed and evenness. There are three levels of plan – beginner, intermediate and advanced – and each level is playable on lever or pedal harp. Each level has four sections: Technique practice, Key practice, Rhythm practice and an “Extravaganza ,” a short etude to help you put your new skills into practice. Let this plan help you get your “dazzling technique!”


Level 2: Intermediate Students will work on:

  • Two octave scales.
  • Major scales and relative minor scales in harmonic form
  • First inversion arpeggios.
  • Rhythmic patterns for clarity and accuracy.