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Course 202: How to Get the Tone You Want


One of the harp’s magnetic qualities is its tone. The sound of the harp is magical. It can be rich and warm. It can be sparkling and brilliant, velvety and rippling. So how we play is at least as important as what we play. A good tone expresses the music, makes practicing more enjoyable and is a pleasure to hear.

A beautiful tone isn’t something only the best harpists have. It’s something we all can achieve. But how do you get that magical sound? What can you do on your own instrument have the best possible tone?

The practice regimen is divided into three lessons.

Lesson 1 is on Tone Production. You will work with each finger to focus on its sound and to ensure that all your fingers can play with an equal sound. You will also work to keep that even tone between both hands, and practice playing without counter-productive tension.

Lesson 2 helps you use your sound across the dynamic spectrum. You will practice crescendo and diminuendi, making them evenly paced and smooth. Once again, you will focus on the balance between the fingers and hands.

Lesson 3 experiments with a tone “repertoire.” It will help you develop a range of tone colors and articulations and show you how to use them to express the character of whatever piece you are playing.

So what are you waiting for? Your own beautiful tone is just a few lessons away…