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Course 203: Become a Speedier Reader


In order to sightread well and learn music quickly, it is essential that you continually develop your skill in note reading. Just knowing the names of the lines and spaces of the clef is not enough. Just being able to play the notes is not enough. When you can name each note (ideally, sing each note, although that will not be our focus for this lesson) as quickly as you can find the string on which to play it, you achieve a higher level of musical awareness that filters into everything you do musically. It will not only help your reading, but it will help your memorization, your musical understanding and your music theory studies as well.

Download the FREE lesson plan here! The free two-page Week-by-Week lesson plan tells you exactly what to do to speed up your reading. The course follows the same lesson structure but also includes the exercises, drills and practice materials that I use with my students, as well as suggestions for further study on your own. Try it today!

EXERCISES: Click the button below to purchase the exercises.
These offer a 3-4 week regimen with these goals:

  • To improve accuracy and speed of note recognition.
  • To practice note reading as a preliminary to note playing.
  • To apply your note reading skills to two-hand practice.
  • PLUS - Bonus ideas to help you go even further!